Services - Diabetes Education

We can Help You Manage Your Diabetes

Diabetes affects 25.8 million people. It is the leading cause of kidney failure, non- traumatic lower limb amputations and new cases of blindness among adults in the U.S. Diabetes is a major cause of heart disease and stroke. The Certified Diabetic Educators at Sturgis Hospital are specially qualified to work with you on a plan to manage your diabetes. And, they base it on what matters most in your life to help you succeed. Succeeding can mean minimizing diabetes effects on your life and developing fewer complications.

Our Educational Team

Our educational team consists of a registered nurse, a registered dietician, and a registered pharmacist. Both our nurse and our dietician are Certified Diabetic Educators. This means they have the experience and knowledge necessary to receive certification from the National Certification Board for Diabetic Educators. They maintain that certification through updated education every year. We work closely with your health care provider to make sure we are giving you the best care possible.

Our Diabetes Program

Our diabetes program is certified with both the American Diabetes Association and Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. These certifications mean we meet standards that have been shown to give you the best in diabetes education. Sturgis Hospital Diabetes Education Program is recognized by Medicare, Medicaid and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Services are covered by many private/commercial insurances. We can help you check your insurance coverage.

What Our Program Offers You

Our program is set up so you decide how much information you want. We will start with one hour of one-to-one time with the diabetes educator. It is during this time we will get to know you and find out what your needs are. We may also give you a blood sugar monitor and show you how to use it, or do insulin training during this time, if needed. If you choose, you can then be scheduled for an hour of on-to-one time with our registered dietician. Here you will learn about Carbs, portion sizes and meal planning. We also have a group class available. This is a one-time class where you can attend a session on one topic or attend the entire class. The content in the classes includes:

The classes are taught by a registered dietician and a registered nurse. We discuss the American Diabetes Association goals for blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol. We also discuss what screening tests should you receive and what they mean.

Who Do I Contact?

We are located in the Grobhiser Medical Bldg. On 600 S. Lakeview in Sturgis. For more information, contact Jessica Edwards, R.N.,C.D.E. at 269-659-4358. We also offer a monthly support and information group: Diabetes and You. Our annual diabetes health fair, Keys to Living with Diabetes is held in November. Click here for more information.

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